Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Football - at 10?

Number 43 -That's my ten year old disguising himself as a football player. When he told me he wanted to play football last year, I tried to look very wise as I replied, 'If you really want to play football, there is one thing you need to do first. It has helped all major league football players (I just read some of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's stuff on truth and figured I could tap into a deeper truth of motherhood and lie)..... you need to take ballet for a year first.' He was not convinced and is now Number 43.

Last week he came home very excited about being switched to play as a receiver for the offense. So, not wanting my little guy to get tackled,  I said in my 'Deborah Under the Palm Tree voice', 'when the ball comes to you, you need to run in the opposite direction to make room for the other person to catch the ball.'    I don't think the Palm Tree Voice works on him.