Tuesday, December 18, 2007

God's favorite color

Painting by Henry Ossawa Tanner ...Angels appearing to the shepherds

God appears to Maria quite often. Last night she had a conversation with God. It had been a good 15 minutes since I had tucked her into bed when I walked by her room and saw her with her hands together, sitting up in prayer in her bed. I went in and asked her what she says when she prays. She said that tonight she was just asking God was his favorite color was. It turns out that God's favorite color is purple because that is the color of royalty and God is a great king. At that moment, in fact, God was wearing purple pajamas with angels on them.

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erhoward said...

May God bless that sweet child! Truth comes from the heart of babes. I have been studying things that are of importance to God and colors came up, I asked him the same question and that was the exact answer he gave me; purple! So all I have to say to that child of the Most High is Amen!