Saturday, July 26, 2008


I decided to start blogging a bit again. There are going to be big changes ahead at Grace Church and in my life. Rob, my husband and music director, resigned and took a gig at a larger church and will oversee 50 musicians and have several choirs with cantors. He will be able to use his many talents that my smaller church was not able to utilize.
I am going to add a service so there will be one early no music Rite I, one traditional and one praise service. I'm still working on the times of services.  There is a lot to do and I leave on Thursday for my turn at the diocesan chapel followed by two weeks vacation.The piece we can't quite figure out is our young twins - we both leave too early to take them to church. We may get a babysitter and leave them home sometimes and do church at home with them for the time being.

On the family front, I'm very concerned about my oldest son who is battling Lyme disease. He is on a variety of medicines; antibiotics, antimicrobials, antipsychotic, and many more. He called last night to talk about his final resting place - and as a mother it tears at my heart to have that conversation with my son who very well may die as a result of this disease. 

I'm feeling a bit worn out these days and can't wait to get up to the mountains.

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