Sunday, March 9, 2008

keeping eyes of the heart open

It was just another day in a long series of rainy days. The clouds hung heavy in the sky. It had been raining for the season, which it does here in northern California. When I went to do an errand I decided not to grab my camera, which I always bring with me .. just in case. The sky was dark and nothing was going to happen to warrant any photo taking. Maria and I got in the car and drove through Davis on our way to Sacramento. And there it was - the most incredible, breath taking rainbow I have ever seen. The colors were brilliant - and several cars pulled off the side of the road just to look at it. There were two rainbows, but the birds - there were baby egrets, white as snow, doves, sparrows and crows or something - there were birds flying in and out of the rainbows as if they were dancing in it. The colors of the rainbow reflected off the wings of the white egrets - and it was the most amazing site I think I've ever seen. It ranks right u there with seeing the northern lights on a warm summer night in the upper peninsula of Michigan - sitting on top of a corn silo at 3 am. 

As I drove through Davis I happened to pull behind one of the cars at a red light that had also  pulled over to watch the rainbow. So, in a very uncharacteristic move, I rolled down my window and asked if they had happened to take a picture. They did, so I quickly  wrote down my e-mail address and got out of the car (the light had since turned green and I was stopping traffic) and gave them my e-mail. My daughter was thoroughly embarrassed - and hid in the back seat.

Here is the photo, it doesn't do the rainbow justice - but I learned my lesson - always be open to the possibility of wonder on even the most dreary day in the midst of a dreary and uneventful season.

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